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Steve Vai
Hi all,

I'm running a message board on one of my sites. It's pretty fresh, has had some decent use in the past though it's not as active now as it once was. It's constantly going through revisions and soon an upgrade and yadayada. I'm hoping to have it increase in activity, hence posting this... maybe you'd like to join up and help with forum participation and discussions. There's a variety of topics covered in it and new forums can be added as well if you'd like to moderate. I'm a member of a few LJ groups of various interests and each seems to be fitting for the topics available (or can be added) in my message board.

Anyway, it would be exciting to have people join up and actively participate in posts and discussions. Here's the site: http://mpec.net

Thanks in advance!
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1998 ibanez steve vai jem 90 90th anniversary on ebay really cheap

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I've been pretty busy lately so I haven't been keeping as up to date with this community as much as i'd like to! However I want to know if there are any changes you want to see and if you have any ideas for a new layout etc. Anyway let me know and hopefully I will be able to get started on them as soon as possible!
Thanks. Mark.

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Hey! I'm new to this community! My name is Jos! (My Vai.com forum name is Amano)
Glad to meet you all!

Here is a picture of me with Steve for starters!Collapse )

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I got to meet Steve this past march. Went to his show, saw him 3rd row, and i had won the afterpass contest. Me and my friend got a picture with him...not a very good one but a picture never-the-less. He also signed my Kramer :) I met Billy and talked to him for a while...wow such a cool guy, great sense of humor and not such a "star." Anyway, hope all is well and I notice we have new members...awesome!

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Hey y'all, I just found this community and thought I'd join. I've been a Vai fan for about a year now, and I just his show when he came to Atlanta with Sardinas. BTW, for all you guitarists out there, I have put together a folder that contains all the lessons that Steve put in guitar magazines and one that he didn't, so if anyone wants a copy, leave your email in the comments, and I'll send it to ya!
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Wow. I've loved Steve Vai for so long yet it never occured to me to join a community. And how pleasing to know that one not only exists, it is active!

Hi everyone. I'm Jeremy. That's all you need to know. It's a question of what you want to know. Ask and search.

So yeah. New album out. I got a couple of tracks off iTunes and they're pretty sweet: "Lotus Feet" and "Under it All". I'm thinking this would be a good buy. Something cool to add to my collection.
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hey guys, this is the 1st time i posted on here, so hiya i'm rach!
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[Stolen from my LJ entry..]

I found euphoria last night and I miss it. I loved every ounce of that show and I shall attempt to explain it.

OPENING ACT: I've seen this guy before, his name is Eric Sardinas. He's a dobro player who is overly energetic and a blast to watch live:

- He parted the crowd and shredded like a madman
- The funniest crowd surfing attempts
- The most visual stunning tatoos
- Using a beer bottle as a slide, then dousing the guitar in alcohol, and setting it on fire
- The bassist looking like an "artsie" Mr. Zervas
- The drummer only used the bass drum to count the beat (i.e. 1-2-3-4 X 30 mins)

THE MAIN SHOW: I cannot describe the over-whelming sensations that circulated my confinements when the show began and my hero emerged. Especially when I was about ten feet away from him. Here's the layout:

- The fact that Tony MacAlpine, Billy Sheehan, Dave Weiner were up there
- Seeing that "Building The Church" is all finger tapped; I lost my balance
- All the classics were played: The Attitude Song, Fire Garden Suite, Answers, Sisters, Bad Horsie (with the glow-in-the-dark guitar), Boston Rain Melody, For The Love Of God
- New Stuff from Real Illusions
- Drummers life: 11 hours sleep > drinking > partying > gig > blowjobs here and there (priceless moment)
- Vai hating Britney Spears on his live at the Austori DVD and she became his neighbor the other day
- Applauses bringing tears to his eyes, and ours

Every ounce of that show brought me farther away from reality, which is nice now and again. It's safe to say, after seeing so many concerts in my life, that this was the best show I have ever been to. It also explains my elated state at the moment. Well here's some of the other stuff that went on...

- Met an extremely attractive girl who played guitar and loved Vai
- Drooling
- 6'3 Fat people squishing me
- So much beer... "swimming swimming in some crappy beer..."
- That girl...
- Vai's tour bus

After the musical ecstasy I made me realize that I'm nowhere near as good as Vai, the chances of finding a guitar girlfriend who loves Vai only exists in Montreal, and I want to be on a big stage again...

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New here. Glad to see there's a group of people who love Vai as much as I do.

I just saw Vai in concert for the first time this past Friday. I always knew he was an amazing guitarist, but I never could have prepared myself for what I experienced. I have never seen someone play with such control and mastery before. It's like he's picked apart the instrument, analyzed every part, and determined how he could make it sound pleasing. Everything he did amazed me. It's rare to see someone with that much methodic know-how play with such emotion as well. Needless to say, I was impressed. Impressed, of course, being the understatement of the millenium.

To add a cherry on top, I got to meet him after the show, and he signed my old '92 Yellow Jem. I've never walked away from someone with weak knees like that before...

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